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Online Art Competition 2022

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Online Photographic Competion 2022

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Online Dog Show

You can see the 6 class winners from our photographic dog competition 2022 here as well as the Best in Show »

Treasure Hunt

Many thanks to all who "bought-in" to this year's Treasure Hunt. All the entries have now been marked and two Teams tied in first place with only four incorrect answers each. Without actually naming people we can tell you that one team is local , "The Black Cats", and the other, a husband and wife team, is from Penzance and here in Stone on a two week holiday.

Both Teams have been presented with their half share of the prize money and are delighted. Follow this link to access the Questions and Answer sheet and a few explanations of the more awkward ones!! If you "bought-in" but didn't submit an entry, or are simply looking at this web page out of general interest, why not have a wander with the Q & A sheet in hand?

You'll find Stone is a decent place for a stroll! Just one last word: remember that the Question master's Answers are always correct! But, he is very generous with the marking. For example, for question 26, answers ranging from "Little Seeds", "A dish on the menu at Little Seeds", "Little Seeds desserts" to "Rice Pudding" all got a tick. Again, many thanks and see you next Year.

Dog Derby and Steeplechase

Dog Derby - 15 Entrants:

  • Light Green - Adult Male - Ed Clewlow with Mollie
  • Dark Pink - Adult Female - Jenny Sennewald with Harper (overall winner)
  • Light Pink - U16 Girls - Isabella Lees with Pip
  • Dark Green - U16 Boy - Zac Roe with Blue

Steeplechase - 46 Runners:

  • Orange - 40+ Male - Jonathan Ward
  • Yellow - 40+ Female - Emma Clifford
  • Red - 16+ Female        Jenny Sennewald
  • Blue - 16+ Male - Ollie Clark (overall winner)
  • Grey/cream - U16 Male - Albert Lees
  • Pink - U16 Female - Tilly Mansell Warren

Two wheel Tuesday

We had in excess of 300 motorbikes, scooters and push-bikes, parked up both sides of the High Street, from top to bottom.

  • Best Push Bike - The winner was a George Longstaff Tandem bike owned by Rodney & Elizabeth Leaper
  • Best Scooter - The winner was scooter called SKAD4LIFE owned by Richard Ball, the scooter is an LML 125 and it's theme was inspired by Richard's passion for Skinhead reggae and Trojan music.
  • Best Bike - The winner was a 1450 Softail with 43inch Rake and 10inch overs owned by Jon Turner.

Lymestone Darts Competition

First Freddie Lowe, Second Rob Lowe & Third Frankie Lowe

Parade Winners

Walking Groups

  • First prize - 1st Oulton Rainbows & Brownies (5-10 years) - "Guiding Through the Queen's Reign"
  • Second prize - Aston by Stone WI - "Rock Festivals"
  • Third prize - Smile 6 2022 (Girlguiding Stone Outward Division) - "Kenyan Adventure"


  • First prize - Prestige Performance Academy - "Best of British"
  • Second prize - St Michael's First School - "St Michael's In Wonderland"
  • Third prize - Stone and District Swimming Club - "On the Beach"

Classic car group

  1. Ray Gimbert Austin Chummy 1930
  2. John Haine Austin 7 Nippy 1934
  3. Alex Heaton Rover P4 'Cyclops' 1952
  4. Janet Taylor Mercedes 190 SL 1956
  5. Kev Regan Morris Traveller 1957
  6. Charles Capener Austin Healey 100/6 1958
  7. John Underhill Berkeley T60 1960
  8. Alan Botfield MG B Roadster 1963
  9. Mike Thompson SAAB 96 Saloon 2-Stroke 1964
  10. Janet Taylor Volvo P1800 1964
  11. Graham Harper Wolesley Hornet Mk 2 1966
  12. Paul Briggs Jaguar E-Type Series 1 1967
  13. Jonathon Young Jaguar E-Type 1969
  14. Mike Fortin MG B Roadster 1971
  15. Andrew Locker SAAB 96 1977
  16. Brian Eagles Triumph TR7 V8 1980
  17. Paul Beardmore Rolls Royce Silver Spirit 1980
  18. Dave Robins Lotus Elan M100 1995
  19. Keith Sharp Chrysler PT Cruiser Convertible 2007